heART Connections: Change/Loss

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CT)
Online / Virtual
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Counseling and Support
Mikia Carter
Equity and Diversity
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Word: Change/Loss | Art Focus: Masks 

This month's heART CONNECTIONS will focus on the words change/loss. Healing can begin to take place as we realize how change and loss affect us on a personal level. Sometimes words are difficult so art allows the doors to be opened in a safe space. We plan to create two-sided masks to describe the occurring changes. This gives individuals a chance to process and reflect on the current loss and change we are all going through.
1. Watch the "heART Connections_Introduction" video (https://rb.gy/uthyik).
2. Watch the "heART_Connections_Connections" video (https://rb.gy/mz3qnw).
3. Gather physical mediums to use to create your piece, or use other digital platforms to create an online piece if you do not have access to any physical mediums.
4. Create your piece.
5. Reflect on the following questions: What does connection look like to you? What is the value of connection for you? How do you see the connection as a healing force for you, your community, and the world?
6. Join MaryJo and Mikia on Wednesday, October 14, online on WebEx at 12 PM to share your story!

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